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Raise your corporation’s performance with advanced business analytics


Sensus Solutions was founded with 3 over-arching principles in mind:

To give Australian corporations the best in advanced business analytics, business intelligence and forecasting opportunities


Taking support to a level where sales and service are only the beginning of a strong and prosperous relationship

Lifting the performance of all kinds of Australian businesses by supplying easy to understand and interpret data and jargon-free reporting

Our aim is to unlock the potential of the data you collect on a daily basis to create a future that is profitable and bright. That’s why we’re authorised BOARD solutions providers.

The advantages of BOARD

Marrying intelligent data with advanced business analytics, BOARD gives you the ability to create a deeper understanding of all aspects of your business. By gathering all kinds of insights, data and market information, you can create a custom profile of your business, customers and market trends. Through simulations and forecasting, you can take the guess work out of sales predictions, marketing campaigns, respond to changes within your company and more.

With BOARD, you can use business intelligence, advanced business analytics, reporting and simulations to:


Understand the conditions that create positive sales events to foster more of the same


Identify what stimulates growth in consumer adoption, sales, interaction and more


Uncover the weaknesses in your current endeavours and workable solutions


Capitalise on increased productivity within your workforce


Test out ideas that impact your brand, marketing, sales and consumer responses


Respond quickly and effortlessly to changes in the market around you


Anticipate your competitor’s next move


Create accurate quarterly and yearly sales targets via simulations and forecasting software

Together we’re able to deliver solutions of increased value and ROI to you, our end client, and we can offer features and platform capabilities that few other companies can rival.

With Sensus Solutions and BOARD, you’re placed upon the fast track to insightful business analytics for better decisions and better business.

What we do

At Sensus Solutions, we’ve made it our mission to empower organisations like yours through intelligently presented data and intuitive software solutions. We offer our clients data-led guidance for making critical decisions. Powered by BOARD, our suite of advanced business analytics and business intelligence gathering software is designed to create the conditions for all kinds of organisations to excel.

Our aim is help you prosper in business by better use of the following:

  • Business intelligence that is in depth yet tailored to
    your needs
  • A nimble approach to performance management
  • Forecasting and simulations for your budget, planning and predictive requirement
  • Streamlining your warehousing and fulfilment to save time and money
  • Translate basic and advanced business analytics into a wealth of knowledge

We’ve already helped sectors as wide and varied as education, not-for- profits, banking, warehousing and logistics, financial services, fund management, property and real estate, local councils and local government bodies, hospitality and more achieve their business goals.

Find out how Sensus Solutions can translate ordinary data into extraordinary insights for your business, too.

Uncover the power within BOARD and what advanced business analytics and intelligent reporting can do for your organisation.


As a licensed distributer and service centre for the BOARD range of business intelligence and analytics software, Sensus Solutions has a proven track record in supporting Australian corporations. Based in Sydney, we service clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne that know the power the clever use of data and insights can do. With a focus on customer service and treating every client like an individual, we excel in sales and support in the data industry. Call us today to discover how BOARD can take your business to the next level.


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