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You have enough to do without worrying too much about business intelligence, right?

Firstly, let’s get one thing clear: getting outside help with ‘business intelligence’ doesn’t mean you’re not already running your business intelligently. But just as a carpenter will not craft a beautiful piece of furniture without great tools, business intelligence tools are the way to take all of that data that’s flowing over your desk and turn it into a range of benefits.

Let’s explore how.

1. Decide

Part of your job is to be decisive, and those decisions rely on being able to identify and assess facts. Business intelligence will order, prioritise and process all of that data, and turn it into reports that make making the right decisions obvious.

2. Speed up

Sometimes, making the right decision is not all that matters – it’s making that decision in a timely, speedy fashion. Business intelligence can generate reports that can be easily acted upon very quickly, even when you’re out of the office.

3. Sell

At the very heart of every business is sales – and business intelligence tools can identify trends, contribute to the improvement of products, shed light on your customer’s habits and needs, and much more.

4. Save

A business may be all about sales, but the bottom line is profits – and they’re bigger if your waste is trimmed. Business intelligence will identify areas of your business that are wasteful, losing money, are too expensive or inefficient.

5. Grow

Business intelligence will not only take into consideration what a business is doing today but where it can go tomorrow. It will work to eliminate weaknesses, figure out how competitors are doing a better job in certain areas, and spot trends and opportunities within the market that can be quickly adapted to.

6. Beat

Your business could be good – but if your competitors are better, then that’s where the customers will go. Business intelligence is a great way to gain competitive advantage, by assessing market opportunities and improving your own business to be better than those you are competing with.

These are just a few ways in which business intelligence is a must in many businesses today. At Sensus Solutions, we transform data into intelligence, so get in touch to see how we can starting helping today.


As a licensed distributer and service centre for the BOARD range of business intelligence and analytics software, Sensus Solutions has a proven track record in supporting Australian corporations. Based in Sydney, we service clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne that know the power the clever use of data and insights can do. With a focus on customer service and treating every client like an individual, we excel in sales and support in the data industry. Call us today to discover how BOARD can take your business to the next level.


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