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Own your future with sound business intelligence

With increasing pressure to perform, your business can easily be left behind. One wrong step with your customers, increased costs for goods and services, changes to the global economy and more can all influence the way your organisation performs in the short and long term.

Imagine overcoming the challenges using your knowledge to the best advantage. Think of the power in utilising what you know about the industry, your loyal customers and factoring that with well thought out and accurate simulations.

You can with Sensus Solutions business intelligence.

A wealth of knowledge awaits you

At Sensus Solutions, we deliver business intelligence platforms that help you make the most out of your data. Through BOARD software, you have a single source of intuitive, intelligent data displayed in your very own customisable dashboard.

With BOARD, you can use business intelligence, advanced business analytics, reporting and simulations to:


Extract all kinds of data and information to create the entire picture of your organisational performance


Present analytics, data and more in an intuitive and easy to follow structure


Optimise your decision making using all sorts of relevant data sources as part of the mix


Combine the power of past data with future plans to create a wealth of opportunities


Create actionable business insights to help your organisation make informed decisions


Raise the performance of your sales, marketing and customer service departments through increased knowledge


Remove the reporting bottleneck from IT services and finance departments by empowering your organisation to use data smarter and with complete autonomy

With BOARD, Sensus Solutions empowers your company to make the right decisions, first time, every time.

Through a 360 degree view of your business, our custom Business Intelligence platform includes:

Dashboards built for ease of use by the report creator without losing the critical KPIs that define your business’ performance
Scorecards enable the translation of the non-financial aspects of your business into insightful information
Reporting that is intuitive, interactive and aids in the comprehensive analysis of your business

Meet the business intelligence platform that is changing the face of Australian business.


As a licensed distributer and service centre for the BOARD range of business intelligence and analytics software, Sensus Solutions has a proven track record in supporting Australian corporations. Based in Sydney, we service clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne that know the power the clever use of data and insights can do. With a focus on customer service and treating every client like an individual, we excel in sales and support in the data industry. Call us today to discover how BOARD can take your business to the next level.


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