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Welcome to the Sensus Solutions FAQ.

Find out all there is to know about working with Australian BOARD reseller, Sensus Solutions.

What is BOARD software?

The BOARD business intelligence software platform is the new best friend for anyone in management, IT, finance, logistics, human resources, sales and supply chain related services. Here is a software platform that allows you to make use of business intelligence, predictive analytics and all manner of performance management indicators in real time. With BOARD software, you have a unified way of accessing, analysing and reporting on crucial data for your organisation. This fully customizable system allows all kinds of departments and team members to access smart data to make informed decisions. Using cloud based technology and drag and drop design, you can empower your team to find the answers they seek anywhere, anytime and anyway they need it.

Why is BOARD different to other business intelligence software in the market?

Unlike other business intelligence software platforms, BOARD combines a whole host of data sources to create an entire picture. You don’t have to leave various different programs and tally data on paper. With BOARD, any data you have available can be used to analyse the market, trends, your internal and external performance, seasonal variations, simulations and more. You can integrate existing finance programs and make use of in-built forecasts and planning modules. Business intelligence, company performance measurements and predictive analysis are all housed within the same tidy package.
That way, you can cut down the legwork and the time with reporting and improve the accuracy with a signal, powerful source of data analysis and reporting.

Do you offer training?

Yes! As an authorised BOARD reseller, we are licensed and approved trainers for the software platform. We can arrange group or individual training during implementation, as new staff arrives and/or as new BOARD features are implemented.

Helping you make the most of BOARD is all part of the service you receive as a Sensus Solutions customer.

What if we need extra support?

Ensuring you are able to access and use your BOARD business intelligence software when and where you need it is all part of the Sensus Solutions service. We offer a range of extra support options as part of our service level agreement.

As we customise support to suit the size and scale of your organisation, we ask all customers to outline what level of support you require.

To discuss your service level needs, please contact us via +61 450 88 00 41  to arrange. 

Do you send out promotional emails?

From time to time, you’ll receive program-related emails from us. If you’d prefer to not receive those types of emails, simply click the ‘unsubscribe’ button when you receive your next email.

We can also manually remove you from our mailing list if you email us via info@sensussolutions.com.au with the subject header UNSUBSCRIBE ME.

Can we visit your office to look at the products?

At Sensus Solutions, we welcome you to visit us in our North Sydney office or we can come to you at any location in Australia. Our demonstrations are no obligation and completely free of charge.

If you wish to see how our products work, we have a range of examples available to you via the BOARD website.

Why not book your demonstration and see BOARD in action today?

Still haven’t found an answer to your query? The friendly customer service team is here to help!


As a licensed distributer and service centre for the BOARD range of business intelligence and analytics software, Sensus Solutions has a proven track record in supporting Australian corporations. Based in Sydney, we service clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne that know the power the clever use of data and insights can do. With a focus on customer service and treating every client like an individual, we excel in sales and support in the data industry. Call us today to discover how BOARD can take your business to the next level.


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