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Kick goals with corporate performance management

Get the edge on the competition when it comes to corporate performance management by choosing the range of solutions offered by authorised BOARD reseller, Sensus Solutions.

If your organisation relies on business intelligence, key performance indicators, forecasts, budgeting and more, you’ll find it all with Sensus Solutions.

Our world is increasingly data driven. Analytics, reporting, forecasting and budgeting may have been the mainstay of the corporate world for decades, but today, we’re data rich and time poor.

BOARD offers is an all-in-one solution for your business intelligence and company performance management needs. BOARD is like a happy marriage between all kinds of analytics, financial information, customer data, trend information and forecasts without the gaps between. BOARD gives you real time information based on analytics, data and patterns so you can make intelligent business decisions. With the added ability to simulate and predict smart manoeuvres based on a wide variety of data sources as well as track sales, marketing and general performance metrics efficiently, it’s taking all kinds of medium to large scale organisations by storm.

BOARD is the only product on the market to offer a unified architecture for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management.

Check out the features BOARD offers now

With BOARD, you can customise your dashboards and the data you receive so that you can efficiently and effectively track all the insights you need and none that you don’t.

Corporate performance management on your terms. BOARD combines a whole host of features including:


Business intelligence that is high on the useable data and low on the background noise


Corporate performance management tailored to the task at hand


Budgeting, planning and forecasting aided by real time data, market trends and simulations


Data warehousing and reporting that gathers insights across a wide range of topics

Uncover how you can make your business hum with intelligent data and great return on investment now.

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