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Looking to unlock the power and potential of Australian business intelligence and what dedicated big data software can bring?

Meet the team of Sensus Solutions.
As a BOARD authorised reseller, we provide all kinds of large scale organisations with intelligent insights, actionable data and peace of mind on a daily basis.

At Sensus Solutions, customer service is about providing a strong relationship. We’re there to help you through whatever challenges your business may bring.

Meet the team leading the charge in Australian business intelligence provision now

What Sensus Solutions do to make your journey better:

At Sensus Solutions, we know that maximising the potential of BOARD and making use of the insights you receive requires the right kind of support. That’s why we offer:

A dedicated account manager to oversee your sales and service cycles


Complete training for you and any nominated team members on purchase of any of the Sensus Solutions products


Helpful customer service via email, phone and in person


Regular updates complete with tips, tricks and updates on a regular basis


Local support run from Sydney backed with a wealth of knowledge of the Board product and additional support via the USA and Asia Pacific Sensus Solutions network

Choose the team that wants to make your foray into Australian business intelligence shine.